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Converting Proteus PCB to Altium PCB file

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Hey all I am converting a Proteus PCB design into Altium and I am wondering what each file is since it asks me in Altium.

My Proteus files are:

And this is what Altium does when I do a **PCB Design Check/Fix**:

And so I say *Yes* and I am presented with this:

And this is where I am not sure what to put for each... Any help would be great!


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The files you're starting with are Gerber files, not the Proteus design file.

I don't know Altium or if it can import Gerber layers, but it looks like it might. You just have to help it understand which layer is which. There are different naming conventions; a commonly used one uses different file extensions to differentiate the layers. Typical names follow the pattern filename.xxx, where xxx equals the followimg:

GBL - bottom copper

GBO - bottom silkscreen

GBM - bottom solder mask

GBP - bottom solder paste

GTL - top copper

GTO - top silkscreen

GTS - top solder mask

GTP - top solder paste

GKO or GML - mechanical layer (board outline, milling, etc)

TXT - Excellon drill file.

Check how Altium differentiates the layers and rename them accordingly or see how to map from your names to what it wants.

Ian Rogers

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Firstly..... Why do you need to convert them???? If your PCB house is whinging that you need to send them Gerber files... And you are wondering WHY Proteus makes TXT files.....Just rename the TXT files to GRB and the PCB houses can read them... A GRB file is just a text file....
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