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Constant Current Power Supply / Monitoring

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Hi All,

What i'm trying to do:

I have the need for a constant current power supply. I need a supply that is capable of supplying 240V Dc at 1 amp max. What i would like to be able to do is set the current eg 100mA 500mA 800mA etc and then have the voltage automatically change to meet the load resistance. for this application the resistance of the load does change up and down. Currently it's me with an amp meter and a Variac monitoring current and then adjusting voltage to keep desired current output. Any ideas on how to go about automating this would be grealty appreciated....

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Most good lab power supplies have both a voltage and current control knob. You can short the output and adjust the current knob to 100mA, then turn the voltage knob up as far as you want. Any load connected will get 100mA and the voltage will adjust automatically up to it's operating maximum limit.
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