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Connecting 2 external play buttons to an mp3 player

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I took an mp3 player apart and need to connect TWO switches to the play button that will both trigger the same song to play. I have purchased some things and need to know if they will work.

I have purchased:
Hookup wire: 22-gauge solid wire. Rated 300V, 176°F(80°C)
Pushbutton Switch: SPST Momentary rated 3A at 125VAC 1.5A at 250VAC

I purchased speakers that run off of 2 AA batteries and just plug straight into the mp3 player. I also decided to stick with the battery on the mp3.

Will I need anything else in order to make the switches play a song when pressed?

How do I connect the switchs to the controller? The play button is the top button in this picture.

Momentary Switch

When everything is connected the mp3 player will go in this case with the speakers on it. Hopefully this will protect everything under my table.

I have no experience when it comes to this stuff, so any information will help.

If anyone is wondering what this is for, well here is a pic.

My brothers beer pong table for his apartment.


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I'm just trying to get someone to respond. Sometimes people don't feel like reading through post. My problem has changed, so I figured I would make it easier and just start a new thread.
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