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configuration bits problem in mikroe

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Hi guys hope every one will be fine there
Guys I have universal programmer which ask for setting configuration bits in the file after loading it and before program chip . I don’t see any configuration bits setting window in my compiler of mikroc as like in mplab since when i used mplab i just copy the configuration bits from configuration bits gui of mplab in my config bits setting gui of my programmer and it works and but i find none same here from which i copy, i used following setting while using mikroc compiler
i also try my [rogrammer by putting configuration bits generated from mplab according to above specification but not working
is there any other available mikroc compiler available , please tell me what should I do i m quite nervous i have gone through most of it programming but my simple program of chasing led not working.


Configuration Bits

Hi Einton,

Not sure if I have understood your question correctly but here is what I think you mean. I am using the pro version so apologies if this is not quite correct.

1. In your project select Project -> Edit Project

This should show you all the configuration fuses for the processor used in the project. On the right of this window is shown the names and values that require to be used in your programmer.

I hope this makes sense :confused:
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