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Component Identification


New Member
Hi again everyone. Got another rare part I need to try to identify. It has the number 4048-001 printed on it and what appears to be a smudged Motorola logo.
I think it may be a ferrite core inductor. It is used in the dwell angle circuit card of the Repco 646 tune up machine. It seems to have 3 coils under the plastic wrap but only 5 very fine wires attached to the 5 terminals. It has a bakalite tube centre with the coils wound around it and a ferrite centre. Problem with it was it had been broken off the base which broke all the fine wires. I glued it gack together and was able to solder all the fine wires back onto the closest terminals but that at best is just a guess as to if it will still work. I think it may also be an OEM special as I cannot find any information about it. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.



Active Member
Your only chance with that one is going to be another machine to use as spare parts, it will be an OEM part.

These machines turn up from time to time on Gumtree and various other places for not much money.

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