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Compact Electromagnetic Pulse

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Good day everyone,

I am in a plan of making a compact electromagnetic pulse as a science project/presentation.

I've tried researching for this awesome device but as a newbie with electronics, I can't seem to understand the schematics and everything I have researched for.

Is there anyone here who can help me in the most simplest way?

Thank you in advance...


Sorry but EMP is illegal and is a very bad idea.


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I would say.... bring down an old PC for demonstration purposes.
I have a better idea!

Make a pwm converter drive a coil that generates - say some thousand volts. Then you touch the end of the coil somewhere on the mainboard.

If voltage is high enough, you should be able to see a blue lightning between coil and motherboard.
If the ambient light is low, then you get two things. A good looking effect and a computer that you've bring down.

Voila! -> Tread solved?
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