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Class programming help needed plz

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i got an assignment whichc onsist of 3 questions.
i was able to do first and second question but the third one i am getting some problems..

i am posting the code and question as image so as they don't appear on search engines as its for uni things...

The answer is a .cpp file. I modified the filename to .c because the forum here does not allow upload of .cpp file.

only these part i think needs to modify:


// --------------------needs mods----

Circle_Shape(Point c, double s){
centre = c;
size = s;

// ------------
second :

// -----------------needs mods-------

Rec_Shape(Point w, double s){
width = w;
size = s;

// ------------


cout << rect.area() << endl;
cout << rect.perimeter() << endl;
cout << circ.area() << endl;
cout << circ.perimeter() << endl;
I really need to get this working urgently...

Please when replying don't post the whole code directly on the forum...

send as attachment or just part which you modified...

Thank you very much in advance for your help...



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You will get better answers if you find a forum that specialises in C++. Not many microcontrollers can run C++ code properly.

You will also get better help if you post your answers to the first part of the question, where you have defined the UML diagrams. These feed directly into writing good code.

Hiding your question as an image is questionable though. If you don't want your professor to catch you asking for help on the internet, don't ask for help on the internet :)

Good luck.


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Some hints for you...

Class constructors and destructors need to be named the exact same as the class.
Destructors of base classes should to be virtual.


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will you be able to fix it and send it back to me please?

i am just a newbie in programming.. and this question is beyond my level...

i was able to get help from books and online resources to write the bit i posted above...


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Sorry, you have to do your own homework.
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