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charging my device using a different power supply?

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Gato Azul

New Member
i'm on the road and have forgotten my device's power supply. :oops: i'm a twit.

the iPaq requires a 5V 2A input. i've scrounged a 3.3V 3A supply from my client's IT supply room.

will it work sufficiently to charge my device? :shock:

i realize this is an utter newbie question, which is fine. i'm a newbie. as i'm in a bit of a time crunch, this is a shorter method than rolling down to the local shop and asking since i'm 100km from the nearest store...



New Member
5V power supply work around

Why don't you pull the 5V line from a Computer power supply and place a 2A fuse to stop it drawing over 2A...

Otherwise pick up a USB Charger for the IPaq. that way you can plug straight into a USB Port when you replicate/save your data. Besides they are not that expensive, and are highly useful.
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