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Can't find a component


New Member
I need to simulate a curcuit (so i need a library, SPICE or curcuit models) but i cannot find two Balance ICs: HY2210-CB and HY2213-BB3A. Nor i can find their replacements.
Please, help me.

Nigel Goodwin

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Well, my teachers wish. Had to accept it.
In which case they should supply the required tools :D

Obviously I've no idea who your teachers are, or what their capabilities are - or even what sort of, or level of, course you're doing.

However, historically, there's a been a great deal of complete nonsense electronics question in exams - obviously set by someone with no understanding at all, and in the few cases I've managed to somehow dig deep enough it's always turned out that the questions were actually set by someone w1th no electronics knowledge at all (usually by a Professor of English).

Classic examples are simple multiple choice quesions - where none of the answers are correct - and you even see the same questions still appearing years later as well.


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hey. theres a piece of simulation software thats been commercial but is now free. its called Micro-cap 12. check it out. the list of components is pretty extensive. i used to use the student edition in college and it was great. it was going for over $4800.00 not too long ago but the company folded and let it go now for free. its really good... ill bet that will solve your problem ... (sorry if that sounded like a commercial...lol)

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