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Calculating Power Requirements and selecting suitable Power Supply for Application

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Les Jones

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You don't know that it will work consuming less power. Many domestic products use a switch mode power supply which allows them to work on anything from about 100 volts to 250 volts without any switches to be changed. They will take less current when supplied with 250 volts than they do when supplied with 110 volts. (But the same power.)



Guys, the battery I ordered is broken :(

How about this for strange :

1) I cut the connector that came with it and the wires are the wrong way round ( Black for + and Red for -).
2) The dip switch doesn't change the output voltage, stays at a stead 12.8v, even after a reset etc.
3) When i connect a 12v load it drops to 3 volts, which i'm certain should not happen?

So i decided to try and contact them, phones are constantly engaged and no email address :0. Seems really dodgy. Battery is from www.powerstream.com just in case you want to avoid them.

Final point. Does anyone know anywhere Reliable I can get a similar battery with the same spec if not better?

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