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Cadsoft Eagle v5 Professional License For Sale

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THIS IS A FULLY TRANSFERABLE LICENSE. Reason for sale is that I have just upgraded and transitioned to Altium Designer (yay!). Before I purchased Eagle I made sure that the license was transferable should I ever want to sell it. From the CADSOFT EAGLE LICENSE AGREEMENT:
You may not rent or lease the Software, but you may transfer your stand-alone copy of the Software and accompanying written materials on a permanent basis provided you retain no copies and the recipient agrees to the terms of this Agreement. Any such transfer must include all updates and prior versions of the Software and accompanying written materials, and notice must be given by you to CadSoft that such transfer has taken place.
Basically the license can be sold so long as I notify their legal department that you are the new owner, and I give you everything that goes along with it. This license includes the schematic and layout packages but *not* the autorouter package. Paid $1000USD in 2008. Will provide all the original paperwork, bill of sale, original CD, everything. License is for version 5 (supports current v5.11 release). I think when they release 6 in a few years you'll probably have to pay a small upgrade fee if you want to keep it current.

$500USD. This is the full, unlimited software that is licensed for commercial use. As many schematic sheets, layers, unlimited board size, etc. Just note it does not include the autorouter package. If interested please send email to mhayenga at gmail dot com. Thanks!
Hi ...

I will buy it NOW, we can negotiate the price ...
Please, I know it is 6 years later, but EAGLE 8 is impractical for me ...

Thank you.


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