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btec national diploma electrical/electronic project

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i an in my second year in college studying a btec national diploma (onc/hnc)! i have been asked to complete a project it has to be electrical or electronically biased! not to difficult1 ( touch lamp, metal detector,stuff like that)

would any of you guys be able to help and come up with some project ideas for me! with circuit diagrams etc.. and literature would be most help ful!

really appriciate any ideas!

Gary Hurn Electrical engineering apprentice
Carillion Rail
south wales


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How about this one - a touch lamp with one twist - that it not produce noticeable Radio Frequency Interference - made from reasonably inexpensive components.

Quite a few touch lamps have been sold here in US (at least in my area) that do not meet FCC requirements. Somehow major retailers avoided that (they are imports). Noise is incredible. Fortunately they are also incredibly sensitive to RF transmitters. They make as much noise off as on - unplugging is only thing that works.

Apparently the circuits contain some really noisy square wave oscillators. Why a simple capacitive trigger circuit won't work is something I don't understand. Maybe they work good on the bench but in day to day applications they might be unstable.


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project ideas

I thought those touch lamps did use a simple capacitive sensing approach, maybe someone could disassemble one and explain their operation? (I don't have one to take apart).

Gary, the project idea I mentioned in the PM might be a little ambitious. Here's another thought. It's been done before, but is fairly simple and covers a fair range of electronic areas. The thought is to make a distance measuring tool with an ultrasonic transmitter and receiver. It involves converting time to distance, and could be implemented either with discrete hardware or a simple micro. The parts cost isn't too great - I've seen the Xmitter/Rcvr pairs for around $6 in the US. The output could be something like a simple two digit 7-seg display. - CAL


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conversion of voice signal to text message

i am electrical-electronics technology students who will go to graduate this year and i am going to do my final year project .therefore i need volentur gentill mens who can give me complete done project on the title "conversion of voice signal to text message" .
emale :[email protected]
thank you!
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