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HI pls i want to know which books do you think are best for practical electronics? where i can learn more about components, circiuts and well anything and if possible where online i can i get them? thanks

i'll be sticking around for any quick answer


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Depends what you are interested in. If you wanna know about digital components and electronics, then that's the kind of book you need. If you just want the basic electronics and theory, then you'll have to get that kind of book.

what exactly are you interested in learning?


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The books of R A Penfold are ideal for beginners, topics range from simple projects to building your own test gear. Simple to follow , complete with veroboard layouts.

Or if one wishes to get really down to the nuts an volts of electronics
the works of H P Friedrichs make excellent reading for both newcomers
and those that love the smell of solder in the morning.
"Instruments of Amplification" gives details on how to actually build your own resistors, capacitors, vacuum tubes and transistors. Colour pictures of his creations can be found on the web.

Dean Huster

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The Radio Amateur's Handbook published by the American Radio Relay League has always been considered the "bible" of electronics, both ham radio electronics as well as general electronics. I prefer older Handbooks of the 1960s and 1970s as the newer ones emphasize construction less and less.



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Well i'm a student of electrical electronics in the university here in my country. but we do little practicals here and i want written resources that will help me really understand what is going in circuits, how things really work...a practical book that will help me with practical work. I hope i'm a bit clearer?
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