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bluetooth remote control robotic arm

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Hi, i'm new...

I'm an electrical final year student from my local universities. I'm looking for a project guide with the idea that I've come out with. I'm really interested in PIC and bluetooth technologies. I've this idea which I can combine PIC and wireless application.

If I want to build a bluetooth remote control which can control any electrical appliances (e.g robotic arms), is it possible (can be done in term of cost and adversity)? This application can be applied in the industry which we can control an automatic machine from the outside when there is problem occured. No need to dismantle the machine.

I will be using pic16F877A for the controlling part but I don't know which bluetooth module that is not that expensive and easy to program.

If anyone can lead me to any simple bluetooth and robotic arm circuit, do help me. TQ.


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you can use Lmx9830 it's a serial port bluetooth module........can be programmed through pic.......
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