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bluetooth project

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hi, i am trying to do a project for school, can you help is this is possible?

i will create a database with bluetooth mobil phone names of a few people, than, when those people are in range of my bluetooth sacaninng zone, my pc that is set to scan every 10 secs, if found any of those mobiles that are on the database it sends a msg, or a picture or a file.

i have a few software that will send msg to mobiles, and software that will scan, but how to integrate with a database, and what database to use,

not sure if this is possible,




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Most smart cell users turn off the bluetooth discovery.

That said what you need are some programming skills and a bluetooth adapter for your PC. Bluesoiel has an advanced Bluetooth stack that may be of interest.


The discovery feature on my phone drains the battery in 1 day, with it off it takes 3


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Need help on Bluetooth

Hi Guys,

Need Help on my Bluetooth Project, I Have the vision how it work ( Bluetooth Earphone ----Transmits voice to bluetooth speaker ) But i Dont know how to do this as i have not know nothing about bluetooth ( except the basic concept)

Can any one help/Suggest whr/how to make ma project succes


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Basically bluetooth is a very low power radio frequency. I don't know which one tho. Once you find that out, it's a matter of rigging up a transceiver (Transmitter/receiver) that operates on that frequency. Then you can detect a devices in it's transception area. Then you have to know the codes which control each device.

And actually, here's a link to the radio frequency specifics. I doubt you'll be able to configure a device by yourself.......LOL

Bluetooth Radio Layer Tutorial


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hi, i'm networking student and now doing my final year project proposal. I need some help.

My idea is to develop a prototype of bluetooth pendrive which mean two pendrives can transfer data between each other via bluetooth without need to plug in usb port on computer. Then, my lecturer advice me to add on some feature on this pendrive that is; owner can detect his/her pendrive location whenever it lost (something like tracking system).

Is there any tracking system may detect bluetooth signal?
I have thought about gps. But it need bluetooth gps receiver. Is bluetooth gps receiver have same function as general bluetooth (in terms of transfer file)?
How to scan bluetooth device's location?

or anyone have good idea?Please, i need help... Thank you.
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