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Best books and website to learn assembler

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Im interested in learning assembler, ive learnt basic using picaxe but your very limited and theyre too slow. Plus if i learn assembler i will learn more how a chip works and be able to program faster and more complicated stuff and will not be limited to about 10chips unlike picaxe which also have to have a bootstrap code.

A website would be ok with lots of examples but i would like to take this stuff with me so a book would be the best. Ive had a look on the internet but im a bit unsure so i thought it would be best asking from a site full of pro`s.
For a website you can hardly beat Nigel's PIC tutorials at Nigel's PIC Tutorial Page Mikroelectronika also has a decent free on-line book at mikroElektronika : books : PIC microcontrollers . When it comes to paper books the most widely referenced would most likely be Myke Predko's Programming and Customizing PICmicro microcontrollers. I own the second edition of Myke's book, have read the MikroE online book and read through some of Nigel's tutorials. My opinion, and this is just my opinion, save your money and use Nigel's tutorials and the MikroE online book. I don't know if it was due to having had some hands-on experience before reading Nigel's tutorial's and the MikroE book or what but I got more out of them than I did Mr. Predko's book.
thanks, the two websites are great, after 5mins with no knowledge of assembler programming to begin with i know how to turn an output on and write a program. The gooligum website has good detailed pdfs, i think i will use up colleges ink and paper so i can take this stuff with me to read.

Although i have one slight problem, i disassembled my programmer a long time ago, I think i still have the parts, i hope


Download Microchip MPLAB. It has a great simulator. Start with a simple chip like the 12F508. Start by turning a pin on and off like blinking an LED. The simulator allows you to work as though you are in hardware. It forces you to review the chip manual and learn the details of the hardware processes.

I chose the 12F508 because it has very few configuration settings. This makes it easy to get right into the programming.
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