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Bench power supply from a UPS transformer

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Due to a thread that was referenced lately...

Using an uninterruptible power supply transformer that got a Yanmar diesel glow plug hot using 7 amps AC, I got
16v. AC
8v. AC With a 4 amp bridge rectifier & 3300uF caps, I got
+20v. DC
+10v. DC
-10v. DC and with regulators I will get
+12v. DC
+5v. DC
-5v. DC
+3.3v. DC
-3.3v. DC
Should I bother with an adjustable regulator? Or +/-9 volts?
What voltages do you guys use besides 12v, 5v & 3.3 volts?

dr pepper

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+and - you tend to use with op amp stuff.
And 8v is often used with Rf stuff.
So if you like to do either you could add them, or an adjustable to do all the odd ball stuff.
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