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basic questions abt fuse

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Hv some basic questions abt fuses used at home (slow blow fuse i think).

Fuse is used for over current protection. Yet I see fuses that have 125V rating and some with 250V rating.

Why so?

Can I use a 250V fuse in a 125V AC environment and vice versa?



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The voltage rating on a fuse is the rating that ensures circuit interupption when the fuse element opens due to an over current condition. What this means is if the normal voltage is 125 and a 250V fuse is in the circuit, upon an over current condition the fuse element may arc and not cut off the voltage to the circuit.
I would never use a 125V fuse in a 250V circuit.


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I would never use a 125V fuse in a 250V circuit.
250V fuse can be used for any voltage lower than that.

Lots of glass fuses that are used in the automotive and battery powered electronics are rated at only 32V.
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