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I would like to get some general opinions on how to jump back into pic'n.
Several years ago I made a few simple projects and one fairly complex project...but it has been a while.

My previous projects were coded in assembly using MicroChip's MPLab enviorment. The place I worked at the time furnished the Pic programmer and chips (yeah, I was lucky.)

My only experience has been with the 16F84, but I have been reading Amtel chips have some advantages based on cost and Flash capabilities.

Now that I am in a position to pursue this great hobby once again, I am not sure where to begin. I am not sure of what coding/emulator enviornment would be the best and cheapest, and what programmer will work well.

Do I look at PICs or Amtel chips? Should I code in assembly, basic or C. I have to side with the people who say .asm is not the easiest tool in the chest to use. I would like to code in C, but how great are the higher level compilers? Are there any free or reasonably priced ones available? What about the Basic compilers?

Thanks all for the help and input!


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Also, Can I use

Also, Can I use the same programmer regardless of wheather I code C, basic or assembly? Seems like if I can generate a .bin or .hex, I should be able to?



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If you want to program in C i would go for atmel AVR.
The free C compiler available for atmels (AVR GCC) is superiour to any pic c compiler.

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You can can simulate a PIC(you can programe) with a complete circuit!

And the best you can then programe it in to a real PIC.

And this simulator is named "Crcodile Technology" (you can get a free 30 day demo with just the save and print diabeld)

Dont wory abaot the 30 days wen they are up just set back the date!
(Loocks like they have a litle bug! :twisted: )
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