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Automatic Mirror fold in fold out

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Ill happily admit i have no idea what so ever about this stuff you guys are talking about in here, but i did a search and read some comments an i think someone might be able to help me.

I want to hook up my mirrors on my car so that they unfold when you turn key on and turn the key off. i was thinking of setting these up on the lock door unlock door thingo, but since i have a mate whom also wants to use this item it would be no good, as his car has a anti hijack feature which locks the doors after you start moving. there could have been ways arround that but when i added the turbo timer into that i couldn't think how to do it. thats where i landed with this idea.

For protection of the mirror motors it needs a timed period. i dont know the current draw of mirrors so i was thinking of using relays for the main current transfer.

when the key is turned on is sends a signal to the relay for the set period of time. if possible use the same item to send a signal to the close relay for when the power is taken away (key turned off)

if the second one isnt possible i could set that up by using a cross over relay.


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