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Audio frequency signal outputs


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Dammit I turn my back on electronics for two minutes and it's all changed again !. I have a project that requires a fixed frequency of 14 khz and a second adjustable frequency in the range 14 khz - 14.250 khz. Both sine waves. Are any of the BASIC PIC chipis capable of this please ?. Cheers ....


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You can not directly get analog Sine Wave at the output of any controller without using DAC. Connect a good 8-bit DAC (like DAC0808) to any of the port of the PIC to get the analog voltage corresponding to the byte data on the port. Regarding generation of sine wave you can use the Look-Up table method which is quite simple and faster than calculating Sin() function every time.
One very cool signal generator design can be found at http://www.qsl.net/pa3ckr/signalgenerator/index.html . It Uses PIC16F84 and frequency varies from 0.1-40Mhz (Wow)

THis one is a very simple design: http://www.qsl.net/yo5ofh/pic/tone_generator.htm


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I spent the afternoon looking at PIC modules and in particulat PicBasic (on account I never was any good at machine code or assembler) and glory be I see in PicBasic they have a command something like FREQOUT that will give up to two sine waves on any pin. So maybe that is the answer. Anyone got a second hand PicBasic for sale ?. Thanks for your reply Sir.

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