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Audio Amplifier

Amit Ghosh

New Member
I want to make a small audio amplifier for home use using Tda2005 IC. SO can anyone here help me how to assemble Tda2005 IC on a Veroboard ??

Thanks in advance :)


Well-Known Member
Do not fix them. The staggered pin arrangement is for easy soldering. Just count 123456.... pins from left to right and solder other component as shown in the circuit.


Well-Known Member
Most Helpful Member
The pins are too close together to mount directly on Veroboard but you might be able to spread the pins out far enough to do it.

dr pepper

Well-Known Member
Most Helpful Member
Solder some tinned copper wire (resistor legs if you havent any) onto the pins of the tda2005 to extend them, then neatly bend the wires to fit into the veroboard.
There are horizontal and vertical pin forms available for the '2005, the vertical is easier on vero.

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