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At last ...


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So why was I struggling recently to solder my numerous projects, waiting for irons to heat up, only then to have too much heat , or worse too little , I managed for 60 years with an assortment of wattages !... I should have gone down the temperature controlled path long ago. I have looked in the past but it just didn't seem economic and the hefty look of the iron of most 'machines' put me off … I can report now I have an Antex 660A , ( I shopped around and got it for <100 GBP) no digital display just a basic control knob 200/480 c and a led. It has a comfortable small 'hot' end and performance so far, I cannot fault.. just need some 0.5 mm tips..


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My antex came with me from the UK. Can't get tips for it now (here) but can get "others" off ebay and just drill out to 4.2mm. It's got to be at least 30 years old and still does what I need.


Nigel Goodwin

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I use a couple of Metcal irons at work and also have an older Oki (Metcal) at home - fantastic bits of kit :)


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picbits - I envy you

I used a pencil Antex for doing Indium soldering. Nice and precise. Not temperature controlled.

I like the American Beauty resistance soldering station I had at work for doing pins. You pass a current trough the pin you want to solder.
I just changed the tips to stainless brazing rods with a ground flat side.

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