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Assignment help - (Give a brief overview of the theory of the P-N junction diode).


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Could anyone please help, as part of my foundation degree mechanical systems engineering, I am currently working on my electronics module. As it is a distance learning degree and my first experience of electronics, I am finding it difficult to grasp. Could any one help me in any way with the following question?

P-N junction forward bias characteristics
The diagram in figure 1 provides the voltage and current measurements shown in table 1.
Figure 1
Table 1
Give a brief overview of the theory of the P-N junction diode. Plot the data generated in
table 1 using Microsoft Excel. Extrapolate the straight-line part of the graph to intercept
the voltage axis and estimate the turn on voltage for the diode tested. Can you estimate
the resistance of this diode? How does the theory relate to the experiment?
Vd (V) Id (A)
0 0
0.1 1.04E-10
0.2 4.28E-10
0.3 1.12E-08
0.4 5.21E-07
0.5 2.40E-05
0.6 1.09E-03
0.7 1.83E-02
0.8 6.13E-02
0.9 1.14E-01
1 1.70E-01


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Hi Gareth

Did you try a Google ??
I'm nearly as much a novice as you - I don't understand the question either; BUT .. a google revealed this https://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/diode/diode_3.html

.. .. .. .. .. which looks like a good place to start to me .. .. . .


PS .. .. There are some right brain boxes on here who will understand ! You've come to the right place .. Welcome to ETO


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Since this is college work you are expected to post your best attempt at doing the assignment. We can give guidance, but don't do the work for you.

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