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Are high voltage discussions allowed here?


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In another forum I posted a rather detailed description of my project goals and electrical experience level ... but little did I know that discussing high voltage in that forum -- or anything powered by mains -- or anything that might potentially kill a person -- is not allowed. So before I repeat the same post here, I would simply like to confirm that it's okay to ask for help, opinions and/or suggestions regarding high voltage projects here?


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There could be a clue in the fact that there's a forum specifically for it. What is frowned upon is over unity discussion.



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Thanks Mike, I suspected as much but I just wanted to be certain. By the way, I never heard of "over unity" so that's the last thing I want to discuss. I'll start a new thread with an appropriate subject line ...


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but "over-unity" refers to perpetual motion, free energy, etc.


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IIRC you wanted to use a barrel of water that was electrified directly off of 120vac mains in order to electrocute rats.
I am not surprised it was shut down, reasonably safe mains projects pass with no problem.


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Incorrect.I never had any intention of elecrifying the water, and I never posted such. However, I posted my project goals in a new thread in this High Voltage forum which you can read and respond to if interested.


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What actually kills people is a matter of oplnion. A person can get killed doing 120vac house wiring. A person can get killed welding. On another forum they will not let anyone talk about house wiring because you or the forum might be held responsible for killing someone or burning down a house. I mentioned once on the hiking camping forum about lightning rods for tents Faraday cage protection but the fourm would not allow anyone to know you can buy ready made factory made lightning rods for tents. Stupid.

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