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Arduino using ethernet for 3D printer Micro SD card


So I have a 3D printer that relies on me to place the sliced images onto a micro SD card on my computer and then transfer it onto the micro SD card and place it back into my 3D printer in order for me top call it up to print.

Me being a geek, I would like to know if there is any way I can use the Arduino to transmit the spliced image that would be on the micro SD card using ethernet? Something like Micro SD to ethernet.

I know that the Arduino itself can READ micro SD cards by purchasing a micro SD shield but that's just for reading. And I also know the Arduino itself can be controlled over the network via a ethernet shield.

So the question remains - Is it possible to use the Arduino in order for me to send my sliced file over my network to the micro SD card inside the 3D printer? Perhaps just soldered the micro SD connections themselves inside the 3D printer?


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I do not know any way you can practically emulate an SD card.

Does the printer have a USB connection?
Most can accept files via USB as well; that should be rather easier, though you would need something with a master USB port to drive it. A Raspberry Pi or Pi Zero etc. could be suitable for that?

One of those would also give you ethernet or wifi.


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I use a Raspberry Pi with Octoprint on mine for a network bridge - it gives a nice web based interface for monitoring as well as allowing a remote camera link as well. I've also got my Ender 3 flashes with Klipper firmware which further enhances things. Worth looking at if your printer is compatible with Octoprint .....


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An Arduino Can write to a SD card, loads of Data Logger projects on the web showing how its done.

Rather than an expensive Ethernet shield, look at using the Arduino compatible /programmable ESP32 which has inbuilt Wifi and Bluetooth and lots of memory space.
Loads of ESP32 Wifi/BT examples at https://randomnerdtutorials.com/

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