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Arduino Time Unset_Sync_provider()

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dr pepper

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I have a project that is going well.
I host a webpage displaying various realtime info.
It was going well till I decided to send a email every so often, using the arduino time lib to send an email at a certain time/day of the week.
It all seems to work, however if a new client tries to connect or an xml update file is being uploaded and a time sync occurs at the same time (I'm using ntp web time update) the esp goes into error 29 (attempt to write to a protected area of memory).
I assume this is due to to the tcp/udp clash.
I use set_sync_provider () and set_sync_interval () at 30s intervals to sync the time, so I have no control over when sync happens.
Is there a way I can control this?, a unset_sync_provider would be good if there was one, or is there a way to manually invoke a time sync, then I have control.
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