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Arduino passively reads 93C46 or 93C66 ?


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I would like to make this sketch unless someone already has?
I would like to attach an arduino onto the I/O pins of a 93C46 or 93C66, and when a master device reads/writes to/from the eeprom, the arduino sends the address and bytes serially to the arduino "serial monitor".
If the bytes are individual address read writes or are sequential it figures it out and sends address and byte or address and string of bytes.

Atmel AT93C46 AT93C66 supports ORG x8 and ORG x16 pin option
ORG =HI x16, ORG =LO x8
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Ian Rogers

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Always check the GitHub before trying stuff
I have never given microwire a second thought.. I use SPI or I2C... both can be much larger and cheaper.. SPI can be run at 16Mhz ( I know this because Eric, Nigel and I did it ).. But I always point out that for a few more pennies/ cents.. FRAM is the best... A small FRAM on an SPI bus is exactly the same of having extra RAM with the beauty of nonvolatile storage... My last project uses 512Kbits of FRAM running at >2Mhz...


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Have you not heard of google?
Aye. Indeed.
That be tha-stuf of wizards and black-magic.
Ye be whisperin' conjurin' words like "sniffer" to the google, and soon it be temptin' ya with shadows and spirits of Jezebel herself!!
Nay, the good book has provided us-all with words of the prophet-BING, and I won't be charmed by ye silver-tongued engine words.

But seriously, it's coming up with the right search words that get results. And "sniffer" was one I'd missed.

After reading the github notes, I was thinking how a propeller chip might be a great choice for this as I may be asking too much of the ARDUINO .
Thanks for the find.

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