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Arduino Nano EVERY - compatible ?


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Our working project code is becoming too big our 328 Arduino Nano board, and any additional code will not fit. (both Flash and Ram)
It would be very handy if we could find a plug in Pin compatible board with more memory and seems the new Nano Every fits the bill ?

However looking on Arduinos own blog, see bottom of its page, and reviews like Amazon site, it does suggest there are quiet a few issues ?

Wondered if anyone has actually used the Nano Every and can say if it has any real problems ?

Our code is nothing too special and uses quiet common libraries :-

OneWire // Dallas 18b20
Adafruit_GFX. //TFT


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Can't help I'm afraid and it does look like there are lots of compatibility issues.
Looks like you may have to try it yourself.
Make sure to post your conclusions here.



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Afraid the more I read about it, from usually good sources, seems it even has issues even with some existing Arduino libraries, and they have used some hardware strapping tricks to make things work.
See 4.30 of this video -

Just that it would have been the perfect plug in replacement for the old Nano.

Have already ported to code onto the ESP32 but that means we will have to wire up a new main board to accomodate it.

Think the ESP32 might be the better long term route rather than starting with a potentially problematic board like the Every.

Thought the Teensy LC might fit being a similar size but not without a rewire of most pins or new main board.

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