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Arduino Mega Logic Analyzer (8 Channel 2MSps 8KB Mem)


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I see nice looking logic signals, but I don't see any analysis done to them. Good work if you add the analysis to the analyzer :) If you can get the software interface near to this level: http://www.saleae.com/logic/features/ your project could be very popular.
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yes the sample PC app can be said as useless for now. and i've done searching on better GUI and functionality of PC app for LA around, including the salae, the problem with saleae is it doesnt provide analog display (parallel port signal). and also i saw sump project, but this java app, i cant get in my head right, i wish i could since this seems interesting open source. i cant get into my programming bench yet as right now i'm occupied with something. lets see what i can do when i start my logic probing and programming task. for now, this project is just a toy to display something.


my uno and mini are on their way. when i get it, i'll test, update and tidy up the code and the software to make it more usefull.

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