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Anzac Day 2009

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Greetings to all our Auzzie readers.

There was a piece on the radio about Anzac day, basically in memory of the Gallipoli campaign of the first world war. Another piece of gross military incompetence from that period.



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Interesting how both sides of this conflict celebrate the battle of Gallipoli. I use to live in Izmir Turkey and Ataturk was a celebrated hero for holding off the Allies during the Gallipoli campaign. I was a elementary school student when I lived in Turkey, and we were taught about the bravery of the Turkish army in holding off the oppressors at Gallipoli.

Not saying I agree or disagree with this, I just find it interesting how each country views history in a different perspective.


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I like to read about world history from time to time and its always interesting to here how both sides of a war recall the events and the outcome.
The winners alway make their version sound grandly justified and the loosers always make their loss sound morally acceptable!
Well Okay japan sort of just says, yea we got our ass's kicked, we didn't see that one coming. But still they have some versions of the events that are told different that what the American versions are too.

Every conflict has two sides of every story.
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