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anyone know how to build it ? (200W Audio Amp)

Do you have any experience building other circuits? Do you have all of the tools? Soldering iron, solder, clippers, etc.? What aspect are you stuck on?


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The (Indian?) circuit is about 40 years old and has horrible performance.
Amplifier circuits today are much better. England and America have excellent modern circuits.
It won't last long enough to perform poorly. The rails are +/-24..36V, yet the TDA2030 is rated for no more than +/-18V.


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The TDA2030A has a max supply rating of 44V.
Half (non-bridged) of the "200W" amplifier circuit is shown on the datasheet of the TDA2030A. It is shown with a supply of 39V and its output at clipping into 4 ohms is 35W. 35W into 4 ohms is 33.5V p-p so the voltage loss is 39V - 33.5V= 5.5V.

When this amp is bridged then the current is doubled which will increase the max voltage loss. Maybe the loss at each amplifier side is 7V. Then if a 42V supply is used, each side has a max output swing of 35V p-p. The total swing into a 4 ohm speaker is 70V p-p which is 153W RMS.
Into 8 ohms the power will be a little more than half which is about 80W RMS.
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