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any difference between uC and PIC?

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i study uC (microController) in school. is that uC and PIC the same thing?

i am planning to study uC (if it is same as PIC) which uC is worth investigating/studying?

although the uC i should learn may depend on what project/task i m working on, for right now, i jst wish i can learn something that may be useful, no matter what kind of task i will b taking on. :)

thanks for your advice! :)
aft i 've read some other posts in this web,
i think, uC == PIC

now i m starting to learn one.
so, which PIC is worth learning?
what other hardware/software i should buy?
do i need a simulation software?
how to burn (?) the code into the uC?
what book do u recommend for uC?


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A PIC is a microcontroller.........microcontroller is a family of programable devices capable of monitoring and change inputs and outputs according to its algorithm.

Some of the uC that I have heard the most about are:
PIC by Mircochip
68HC11 by Motorola
AVR's by Atmel
BasicStamp by Parallax

Different microcontroller need different ways to program them, so getting use to one is easy than changing back and forward between controllers, but it is always good to know about two or three :)

Hope it helps,

I think PIC is the best to learn. All kinds of information is at you finger tips. There are great beginer book available from square one. very good books. PIC is a kind of uC
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