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Ancient History: General Instruments SP1000 Speech synthesizer / recognition Datasheet and Circuit Cellar - MicroMint Lis'ner 1000 found


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An FYI for anyone who may be interested - While looking for info on the chip I stumbled on a closed 2008 thread on this site looking for info on the same part. The chip is an early I.C. for isolated word speech recognition and synthesis peripheral chip for use with 8-bit microcontrollers. Not likely that those who were looking for info still are, but I thought I'd pass along that I was able to locate the datasheet for the 1980's General Instruments part in the Appendix of the teve Ciarcia / Circuit Cellar Micromint Lis'ner 1000 User & Assembly manual on Internet Archive. Search for Micromint Lis'ner 1000. Software for the Apple version of the board was found at https://www.apple.asimov.net/documentation/hardware/sound/micromint lis'ner 1000 software.zip
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