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An old ham newbie.

Plastic Nev.

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Probably not that original a title, but having done a bit of Google research for a fellow member of a computer help forum, I found this wonderful site.
For any admin staff or others privileged to see my e mail address, you will find it a slight giveaway as it contains my amateur radio call sign within it. So I can say I have been messing with trying to get electrons to flow in the right direction for a few years now.
However, at my age, components are getting smaller, my eyes need 'em bigger. (can we go back to glass bottles and heater elements? ha ha)
So that resulted in putting down the soldering iron and doing something useful elsewhere. After a few years finding my way round Windows XP, and associated hardware, I now offer help and advice on a couple of computer help forums for those needing a computer, but no knowledge of how to fix it.
Bit of a long intro compared to some I see, but hope this gives you all an idea of where I am coming from.


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Dah-Dah-Dit-Dit-Dit Dit-Dit-Dit-Dah-Dah Look up wa7ark-9 on aprs.
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