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An article, subjective and analytical basis of coding theorems in an ever growing complexity

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I love this line:
The principle was this: “Creators need an immediate connection to what they’re creating.” The problem with programming was that it violated the principle. That’s why software systems were so hard to think about, and so rife with bugs: The programmer, staring at a page of text, was abstracted from whatever it was they were actually making.

In our very specialized world, it would be uncommon in many areas for the creators to actually be able to use the software (imagine: clinical laboratory information systems) . I would modify that to say the the users must have final say in acceptance.

The first place I worked had that principle in place. We went through three generations of software for the clinical labs with hardly a hiccup. In Cleveland, our CEO put her trust in her hand-selected IT expert (JW). A new system was put in place and within a week or so, a modification approved only by that "expert" almost resulted in the death of a patient with leukemia. I quickly had the authority and responsibility to approve all changes, regardless of how seemingly minor they might appear to JW.

For an entity doing many millions of tests a year, it is impossible to anticipate all scenarios. What I relied upon was parallel testing, which is very expensive to do, and a closeness to the actual work product the system produced.


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Sure thing.

As for a real test paired with a synthetic test result, I'll place more on the real test, all be it sometimes slower, whilst some prefer the simulated, because.. it's done by an omnipotent being.. The computer.. For the speed of processing power, benefit, but as for the person using it, then it becomes questionable. Many greatly trust computers too greatly. (I feel odly like I'm restating an obvious here) .

As for the parallel test, one wonders, a new implemented concept of computerized neurocognitive test vs neuropsychological, RBANS, for terms use of Chemotherapy to determine chemobrain? And biosystems chemistry of resulting levels of requirement possibly didn't hold up to perception via per parameter case example. The new system was incomplete?

: Odd thoughts :

The concept in thought from some years ago, 90's perhaps further (when I caught on about this in school), I recall a method towards a business sense that the persona of appearance and capability was the method, meaning that a person with skill would not alone be adequate, best at following a trend to appear more appealing by character and skill set. In a term that I find works best and yet is not fair to any, "sales pitch" regiment to a persons abilities, charismatic approach. However now, I only in most see more towards the sales pitch rather than the skill set. In term I do not completely feel the majority in problems leading to any one person, business, world (an entirety of self), rather the process of demand of what is being made that has led to the strife of the here and now, I don't care how it works as long as it works so we can sell it! This is familiar, and over time will lead to some not caring about the outcome when once cared to the point of wanting to learn any field or retain what is when having to deal with types that are pushing for grandeur. Any can still be charismatic and have skill, tho that's not as common now, or how it seems at least. Those that I can barley find near home, now hide themselves away from society, none of them state why other than a sudden change of subject in conversation.

Solutions regardless, often to lead back to their inevitable beginnings. And the cost in initial saving is rarely enough to cover the disasters that do get noticed over the ones that are never known.

And yes, sometimes.... no, more times now, that it does take a toll to an point that the effect results in a note that can not be discarded to gain results in a change, there are many cases that lead to one another in strings that continue on and on to others.
It takes a disaster to result change. : Edit : knowing better than this.. It dosen't all ways have to result a disaster to result in change, we still have a existing / functioning society.
Who knows, it might just more of the human code beginning to appear thanks to the ability to connect via internet and social. Or something close.
Often seeing whats been going on around us, to only realize... It's in the same room with us :eek: . This line I refer to two sitting on a park bench texting one another.
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Hmm, I'll just add this here, I wonder if they could print out some tank tracks with this?

Not completely on board this self driving tech, as I've seen thus far will take what remaining attention away from the operators... free basket woven slay ride to... the grocery store, I was going to say the grocery store. :woot:

Too many here texting and driving as is, watched one car slam into a concrete light post and tried to proclaim that a stationary car intimidated the wheeled texter into the resulting concrete post in the plaza parking lot...


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Oh, but it's ok. the pole texter is going to sue the air bag manufacturer because it did not inflate... And a life lesson to be learned only as a result of not wanting to listen to the immediate playback details of the crash afterward, I'm most certain that the insurer and quite possibly the air bag manufacturer would indulge to tell the driver that, 1 the car was operating at too low a speed, and 2 the seat belt was not engaged, so no airbag function. I think it was a Buick... This sort of thing happens too often, I done forgot the car, and the box of chocolates, and not knowing what I'm going to get next. :)


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Ehh, why not indulge in the idea a bit, some people have motion issues when facing a certain direction or reading while in motion, hmm, auto tint windows, or visual screens as an optional add on like screen savers.

Hmm, nothing to really evade that run away feeling like with cruise control when not being able to see where your going, could cause some interesting side effects on post similar to components of jet lag.

Ehh it's going to be interesting if autonomous driving direction is taken.

Some auto drive systems would not fully support all areas such as waste management vehicles for example that need interaction with abnormal situations and so forth.

I wonder what happened with a prototype camera about the size of a BlackBerry 8330 mart phones module that could show a visual and determine distance at the same time by the way the wafer was produced, similar to Lidar, but with visual.
It only had about 120 mega pixel, tho our visual needs are greater than an AI that only needs to see similar to a Lidar system. Or it might have been phased out due to an system radar or in fact Lidar based.

If any system could be built around this automated drive structure and function with room to spare for growth, then one of many large benefit to the whole would be better emergency response times, as only in initial term a possible fewer non auto driven cars would be in operation on a highway whilst the auto driven would ease onto the side line and wait until passed by the emerge vehicle giving a heads up to the non autonomous vehicles something is heading that way.

Tho the other side of my mind is going, and what if that system is susceptible to manipulation and cause havoc by pretending to be an emerge vehicle in the area in route on that road, and in reality not. This system would be an ideal target as with many others.

Cheat systems did exist that bypassed crossing lights some years back from my knowing of that. What a mess that caused, lights green, no now its suddenly red! Yellow was but a memory.
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