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amp troubleshooting

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I have a fisher ca-272 home amplifier that is giving me some trouble. I bought it off of a guy that knew nothing about audio equipment, and had hooked a jumper wire across both left channels (I am guessing to try to bridge the channels...) and he said it played a little bit and when he turned it up it went silent. I am looking for a schematic to look from, it doesn't look extremely complex... I did notice that it blew one of the fuses... It uses two 4a 250 V fuses. I am not sure if jumping the channels like that would have affected the amplifier portion of the circuitry of not... Can anybody help me on this one????


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If you short two channels of a amp. and if by chance one channel is ground then heavy current will flow from one channel to other blowing up the power supply fuses. Normally in good high power amps. fuses are also provided in series with the speakers so that if channel is accidently shorted to ground, the fuse will blow up protecting the power transistor or op-amp.
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