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Alternating voltage measurements at audio frequency range

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My task is to write a review of available methods and techniques of measuring alternating voltage in the audio frequency range.

For several days looking for information on the internet, but can not find anything.
Unfortunately, the results of my research are, hmm... Everywhere is talking about alternating current rather than voltage. I learned so much that audio frequency has a range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz ... but the methods and techniques of measurements for it? Everywhere there are only some guides have any equipment. Or maybe a better idea would be to look for it in some books than in the Internet? Or maybe he met someone with the subject and knows exactly where to be found?

Thank you in advance for your help and best regards!


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Learn about Sample and Hold


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A simple Google of measuring AC voltage brings up dozens of hits including a tutorial or two. I suggest you begin by looking at Sine Wave and things like Average Value, RMS Value and Peak Value and how they can be measured. Forget the audio range stuff for awhile. If I apply an AC waveform to a resistor will it get warm? Would how warm it gets be a function of the applied voltage? Could I measure the AC thermal heating effect and relate it to the applied voltage? You need to start thinking. Then worry about how to apply Google.

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