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Advice for MPLAB X please.

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I imported my project from MPLAB 8.92 into MPLAB X successfully but can't simulate it like I do with 8.92.

The tutorial indicates that I need a device such as PIC KIT3 between the computer & the PIC.

But I want to do it in MPLAB X only as I do in 8.92. I have not been able to find how to do this in the tutorials.

I think I may have clicked on the wrong tool. I think I chose Simulator.

The attachment shows the window at which I grind to a halt. Any advice will be appreciated.



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You need to set a break point(before you run it) or hit the pause button. It is running continuously.

Edit, I see you have some delays in your code. These will take a long time to execute in the simulator so it might be an idea to rem them out.


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When you set up your project, under the configuration menu make sure that you select Simulator instead of a programming device.

(BTW, this should probably not be posted in the Oshonsoft section.)
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