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Advice for improving a Ultrasonic Dog Bark Stopper

I ended up tweaking the design to utilize a random generator so the final sound was more of a warble... so the dogs would never quite get used to it.
And the results?
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Effective. The dogs will still bark... but purposefully {people walking by, cars pulling up, loud noises, hot-air balloons overhead?}. However, with the device in place, with good batteries installed, the barking doesn't continue incessantly as it used to. The dogs seem to have become accustomed to barking just enough to do their job without irritating the squealing box.
Interesting note: This is squealing box #2. The first one was eaten after the dogs escaped their side of the yard one day while I was at work. I imagine that day must have been a barking frenzy of victory.


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You leave your dogs outside all day long while you are at work? Don't your neigbours call the cops to stop the noise?
Dear Azicurn, i'm facing the same problem as you. Those bloody dogs don't let me sleep. Can you please put the values of the components used in your circuit? Thanks in advance!
I have built what is called a "woofa stopper" in Australia. circuit kit etc supplied by "Dick smith electronics" (now defunct.) quite some years back.
I have put 4 peizo tweeters in the design, and mounted them in short tubes to direct the sound a little more. Looks like some sort of mortar!!! however the microphone is not doing the job of picking up the barks, If i turn up the sensitivity the circuit keeps triggering. Im thinking to build some sort of microphone amplifier that can be fine tuned re frequency intensity etc and using it to trigger the tweeters. I believe the principle will work 100% on nearby neighbour dogs if I can get its response to be automatic everytime. At the moment I am running to my ensuite every time I can to trigger it. There were very dominant warnings about hearing damage despite being un heard.


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Your circuit keeps triggering because it is triggered by any sound. A motorcycle, airplane or dog. even flushing your toilet will trigger it. Then it makes the squeak and hears it which triggers it again, over and over. The sound of a dog barking is the same range of frequencies as many other sounds so tuning will not make much difference.
Thanks for the comment. The circuit is supposed to have a delay mechanism so the sound is gone before it "listens" again.
I dont recall the exact mechanism

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