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ADC Interrupt vector.

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I have a CC2430 MCU, and i'm using IAR development environment.

According to CC2430 datasheet, when an ADC interrupt occurs, then the MCU jumps to address 0x0B.
I want to build a function in code, and then make its address to be 0x0B.

How is it possible?

Thank you.


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The first link is to the IAR IDE users manual. It is not what we are looking for but it has a clue.

7 Absolute Placement of Code and Variables
This chapter shows how to place code and variables at absolute addresses, and the chapter is mainly intended for the CC2430. For an extended description please refer to the IAR user manual.
I am guessing the IAR user manual is the compiler manual and will contain the info/example on setting up interrupts. Can you provide a link to it.

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