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ADC - Audio Clipping Detection

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I was considering making a low bandwidth oscilloscope to be used with setting gains on an audio amplifier. What I wanted to do was read a waveform with the ADC and display it to an LCD. I quickly realized though that the LCD, while neat, is just an added expense. I could get by easily by lighting an LED when clipping is detected.

I've never used an ADC before, but I think this would be a great way to learn, but before I start I'd like to ensure that I'm on the right path.

Ok, I had a bunch of stuff written that I just erased due to finding more information in the manual.... but here's a question.

I want to detect audio clipping, measure it, and display it through LEDs... perhaps one LED per dB of clipping. Would it be sufficient to keep an array of points and compare the last several points to see how much they are varying (since when clipped, the tops and bottoms are flat you'd see it not change much over time) or should I do a fourier transform (thats the correct transform right?) to see what frequencies are in the signal? If its not a pure signal (or darn close to it) start lighting up leds....
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