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a5 gne MOSFET replaceable on a Chromebook?

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Hi all.
I believe the charging circuit broke on my Asus c300ma r007 Chromebook.
It had a dodgy DC jack for a while which i gather may have caused power spikes?
The battery gradually died and then the charging light failed. The Chromebook powers up with the brick connected directly to the battery connector pins.
I checked the board and noticed one of the back to back MOSFETs looked dodgy. I get continuity across all pins and not on the other MOSFET so i guess this is bad?
It's marked A5 GNE 800807 (about 4mm square!)

The Chromebook is just over a year old so I was wondering whether its a quick job for an experienced technician to swap out the mosfet if I gave them the board?

Thanks for any help :)
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