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A-stable timer for Hydroponics pump

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Mikey D

New Member
Howdy folks!

I teach HS shop and my wife teaches 8th grade science. We have built a couple of hydroponics units (growing plants without soil - nutrient solution only) for school and home and are now trying to make them better / more efficient. I am looking for a circuit that will switch a small pump (.3A @ 110 VAC) on for one minute and off for 30 minutes and repeat the cycle continuously. The times do not need to be anywhere near accurate (on for 30 sec to 2 minutes & off for 15 minutes to one hour) just in that general vicinity. ;)

I searched your site (prior to starting this thread) and did not find anything I could modify. Of course I would like to keep this as cheap and simple as possible. I realize that I will need to use a relay to handle the E & I. I also have come to the realization that a 555 will not handle the duration.

Not to be picky but I’d like to avoid learning how to program a PIC as well. I am looking for a circuit with a single, easily obtainable IC that is easy to duplicate. :rolleyes:

Thanks for listening! :)

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