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A small repair


New Member
I’m very proficient in both electrical standards and math but not so much in electrical engineering. Could someone help me figure a few things out with this device? It’s a small transformer board taking in 110VAC and supplying somewhere in the neighborhood of 58VDC (I think). Three resistors were burned and have already been removed, all three were 12 ohm 1/2 watt carbon 5%. I’d just like to make sure I know exactly what this board is doing. I’ve figured out that the first 4 resistors on the left are rectifiers and they are then each passing though a capacitor. If my understanding is correct the rectifiers are only allowing the current to flow one way and the caps are filling in in between the phases. After that I’m a bit lost. Attached are pics above and below, and remember 3 resistors are not pictured.


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