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74 series high connections

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Hi there.

There are some instances where I want to keep an input of a digital logic chip permanently high. Should I include a resistor between the supply and the pin? Also does it make any difference if it is an LS chip or a CMOS HC chip?

I've seen some with and without resistors. Which is the correct design?
I personally would think CMOS chips do not require a resistor (since the gate is insulated), while the LS series require one.

Thank you


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You should be able to hold it high directly.

If you are going to pull it low at any time hold it high with a resistor.


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Is the "drive line" (the line connected to the input of the chip) at the same voltage as the voltage on the chip you are taking HIGH?


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A 74LSxxx input will float high but might pickup interference.
A Cmos input must not float but must be forced high or low with a resistor.


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Fairchild AN-363 (Designing with TTL) has this to say (see attachment). I personally don't see much merit in either of their arguments for using resistors. Mike2545's reason is sound.


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