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4 channel IR remote control

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Im a student major in science physic. Im a third year student, so I have to do a final year project. My title is building a Remote control by using Infrared. I have no ideal how to do the circuit which can on 4 LED in different time by using 4 buttons remote control. I know how to do single channel on off, but come to 4 channel I face difficulty. So I want to ask for help here to build up this circuit with diagram, and please list out the electronic component name, so that I get to know what it is. And tell me how it works, the voltage direction, current flow and .. . thanks for your help. Good luck!


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okay, well if you wanted to cheat, and nobody was going to open it up, I'd say make 4 seperate cicuits, combined into one, using 4 seperate IR LED's with different wavelengths.


But I'm sure that won't work, and since my knowledge with IR is limited, I couldn't help you.


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I suggest using an IC such as HOLTEK HT12A coupled with a HOLTEK HT12D which will allow 4 different signals to be sent and received from using only one LED and a photodiode. Only a few extra parts are needed and the whole will not be very expensive.


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how about combining the Motorola MC145026 emitter with the MC145027 receiver wich can send 8 different signals.......
just hook up the output if the circuit to an IR emitter and use a IR receiver to the other side and thats it.
as if you want to have one push of a button to turn on the led and another one to turn it off.....you need to connect each output to a flip flop.
also ...i have to mention that the chips have 8 input/output pins wich are 3 state, not 2.
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