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Does anyone have some ideas/tips on getting 350-400VCD at maybe half an amp max?

My plan was to take wall current, step it up to 350ishVAC, then use 4 IN4007s to rectify it into DC. Question is, where would I get a transformer of this magnitude? I think it would be an interesting learning experience to wind my own, but I don't know how. All I know is that the ratio of the primary to seconday is the step up/down ratio. But why not just wind 1 wire, and then wind 3 wires on the secondary? That should give me 360VAC, right? So anyway, any help, or other ideas, would be helpful.


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if you dont need large current you can use 2 diodes and 2 caps to double the voltage and then another 4 diodes to rectify it.
what current do you need?


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Hi Dave. Tell us that this question is not related to your post on giving a cat a jolt - please.

Transformers in this voltage are hard to find and expensive to ship. You might search for a transformer in the scrap pile at the local TV repair shop, do a search for surplus electronic parts on the net, contact the amateur radio club in your area (some of these guys love to build 2kw linear amps with these and might have a source for you), or you might find something you can dismantle at an Army surplus store.
Don't worry, this will never go near a living thing. I don't know why everyone assumes I'm some sort of monster when people buy dog collars that give them A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN A JOLT if they bark all the time. :(

Anyway, thanks for the replies, but I found my own solution. I found an old transformer from a printer, it just used it backwards. I get a cool 550VAC, and I got some 1kV 8A diodes to rectify it.
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