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2400MHz signal generator

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I need to design a 2400MHz signal generator with a variable output power (+10dBm to +20dBm) but the output power of the current circuit is -10dBm (100microwatts).

Can anyone please suggest how I could amplify the output power to the desired one? I thought of using a RF power amplifier but the minimum RF input signal for the RF power amplifier is 0dBm.

The specification of the circuit is as below:

R1, R2, R3, R4 100 ohm
R5, R6 220 ohm
R7, R8 3.8K
R9, R10 1K
Q1 J310
*Q2 2N5179
Q3 AT-41486
L1 125nH 5 turns spaced 22SWG 1/4" former
L2 28nH 2 turns 20SWG 0.13" long 13/64" ID 0 .15" leads
L3 0.62" long 0.02" wide Microstrip.
L4 50 ohm microstrip 0.105" wide with stub 0.274" from collector.
L5 50 ohm matching stub 0.363" long and 0.105" wide
*L6 Filter 480MHz Toko type 252MX-1552A
*L7 Helical filter Neosid type 00510241 (LMW)
L8 50 ohm microstrip 0.105" wide
C1,C2 0.01uF
C3 4.7pF
*C4 12pF trim
C5 10pF
C6 33pF
C7,C8,C9 1nF trapezoidal (Piper)
C11 1nF
C12 10pF Sky black (Piper)
C13 22pF
C14,C15 4.7uF Tant
C16 100pF ATC (LMW)
C17 1nF feed-thru for power supply, placed on side of box.
*Xtal 96MHz (Bonex)
VR 9v reg 78L09 (Farnell).

The unit consumes approx 38mA.

Please help.


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