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2332(2532) eprom

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hi, i'm looking for datasheet for this eprom. anyone can tell me where to get it? anyone know what is the algorithms to erase this eprom? any idea how to program it back?

i'm be gradeful if someone can provide me some input and maybe a workable circuit.

thanks in advance.



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As i see the 2332 is EEprom.
NTE2532 is Eprom, if it have window, with UV-light erasable, but without window (OTP) cannot erase.
ATMEL have AT25320 EEprom.
I don't know what You exactly have.


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2532 eprom

The 2532 is kind of an ancient eprom. Unless someone's held on to their old databooks, you may have trouble finding a datasheet for it...

Can you convert over to the 2732? You can find the datasheet for it here:


I believe the main difference was that the 2532 has no OE pin, while the 2732 does. I think the programming algorlithms are different, too (it's been so long I don't remember for sure). Try the following links for some scattered information about the 2532, at least they provide a pinout (the National Semi website doesn't have datasheet for the 2532).




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